The Academic Success Center (ASC) is proud to present this inaugural issue of Glimpse, a collection of students' stories and voices as narratives of success and the many forms and paths success can take. In addition, we will be posting more student stories to this website as they're completed and ready for publication - check back!

The ASC believes in the varied definitions that “success” can hold, believes that it's unique to the individual, believes in the power of story to inspire, comfort, and encourage. We hope you can see yourself here, if not in these exact stories, then in the fact of your own success, your own triumphs. No success is too small to matter, and rarely is success an end-point; in these pages we see it illustrated beautifully as a place to land and push off from again, towards your next achievement.

Glimpse wouldn't be possible without students - those whose stories we see in these pages, those whose stories we'll hear next, those who see these stories and through them recognize their own accomplishments. This issue's entries were written by the students themselves or by staff of the ASC, including Anika Lautenbach, Clare Creighton, Marjorie Coffey, Michelle Marie, and Sarah Norek. Our sincere thanks to all who've contributed time and effort and thought towards this project. And our thanks to Diana Robbins for gracing our Fall 2016 cover with her gorgeous painting.

We are actively seeking student stories for our Spring 2017 issue. Visit to submit your work, respond to prompts, or request an interview.

Let us know what you think. We can't wait to hear from you.

Cover of Glimpse, Fall 2016

(Cover art by Diana Robbins)