Starting a new term is exciting.  At the beginning of the term, you have the chance to set yourself up for success and build positive momentum that can stay with you throughout the next 11 weeks.  

To plan for a successful term, first do some self-analysis. Look at your grades from the previous term and review any successes or challenges.  Ask yourself questions to help you gauge your success in the previous term and create goals for the new term. 

  • Did you earn the grades you wanted?
  • Do you know why you earned these grades?
  • Were you on time, prepared, and attentive in class?
  • How did you study throughout the term?
  • How did you balance your work in different courses?

Answering these questions and reflecting on your academic processes can help you evaluate the previous term, learn from it, and improve in the term that follows.  Reflection can also help you set concrete goals for your academic success. Check out these term-starting-tips, and get ready to rock.

And, want some support setting goals, or evaluating where you were, where you are, and where you want to be? Try academic coaching! Learn more about it, and consider making an appointment.