Do you have the tools you need to help you reach your goals? What kinds of resources and services help you to excel at OSU? How might you identify additional resources and make use of them?

OSU is committed to providing resources for students to support your academic success and to enhance your overall confidence and comfort as you navigate the university setting. At OSU we have a broad definition of “resources” that includes a range of services that might be of use to you at different points in your academic career. In addition to the offices and departments on campus (CAPS, Student Health Services, Academic Success Center, ASOSU Office Advocacy), individuals can be resources (your advisor, your instructors, a good friend, a classmate); technology can be a resource (MyDegrees, a website, your email), and even spaces (the library, the MU, the Quad), can be resources. Making use of these resources can be challenging at times because it involves recognizing that you might benefit from using a resource, finding a relevant resource, and learning how to make use of it. 

If you find yourself wondering about available resources, ask! Your academic advisor, professors, friends, and the faculty and staff working at many of the support offices are often happy to help you find a resource you’re looking for. You’re always welcome to call or stop by the Academic Success Center or Beth Ray Center for Academic Support!

While we’ve compiled a list of resources available at OSU, also keep in mind the resources that you bring with you: the support of family and friends, your own motivation and determination, years of experience thinking and learning (in and out of school). These are all resources and strengths to draw from as you navigate your academic path at OSU.

As a student, you have a wide range of resources to make use of. Think creatively about your needs, and explore the available options to find resources that meet those needs.