How to Track Your Success

One habit of successful students is self-reflection.  

If you want to improve your academic success, one of the best places to start is with reflection about what aspects of your study habits and processes are working for you and which aspects are not working.  Think about the times when you were successful. What study patterns, approach, trends did you notice? What were the key characteristics of your success?

Tips to Start Your New Term RIGHT

Start your term the best way you can.


  • Buy your books. Open them. Look through them. What’s the format? How will you read them?  What strategies will you use based upon the course content and assignments?
  • Organize your time for each class.  Some students like to use paper planners. Others prefer to rely on their smartphones or computers. There are many homework and organizational apps that you can purchase for your smartphones or tablets.

Plan For Success This New Term

Starting a new term is exciting.  At the beginning of the term, you have the chance to set yourself up for success and build positive momentum that can stay with you throughout the next 11 weeks.  

To plan for a successful term, first do some self-analysis. Look at your grades from the previous term and review any successes or challenges.  Ask yourself questions to help you gauge your success in the previous term and create goals for the new term. 

Personal Success

Are you achieving your goals? Are you taking responsibility for your learning? Are you seeking out the tools and resources that will help you achieve these goals?

College provides an environment where you are encouraged to take responsibility for your personal success.  In college, you are the person in charge of your own academic achievement. You are responsible for your grades and for working toward your academic goals. 

Reading Suggestions - Kathleen King's Tips to Do it Well

How to get the most out of your reading, and how to read for success (by Dr. Kathleen King, adapted by the ASC).


  • Read sitting up with good light, and at a desk or table.
  • Keep background noise to a minimum. Loud rock music will not make you a better reader. The same goes for other distractions: talking to roommates, kids playing nearby, television or radio. Give yourself a quiet environment so that you can concentrate on the text.
  • Keep paper and pen within reach.