Homework & Weekly Practice Tips

Make your homework and weekly practice count. 


  • Don’t take shortcuts. Looking up answers or guessing until you get an answer right doesn’t actually teach you the material.  Actively engaging with information for comprehension is what makes homework effective.
  • Approach problem sets as chances to study for exams. Try to focus your attention and learning on the types of problems and ideas being presented.  Do not try to memorize individual problems or questions.  

Emergency Studying

How to study when you definitely do not have enough time to prepare thoroughly:


1. WHAT NOT TO DO: Don’t waste your time trying to read everything! You may be tempted to try to read everything and try to read it fast because you are afraid of being asked about a topic you haven’t looked at. Don’t!  Why not?  Because if you read a large amount of material too fast, you will not have a good memory for it and you’ll be confused. You’ll waste your time trying to do it all.

Tips to Concentrate Your Concentration

Have you read about the science behind concentration, and why multitasking is ineffective? If not, take a peek here.