Managing Test Anxiety

Try the following tips to help you reign in your nerves.


  • Monitor your test anxiety. What makes you anxious? What symptoms do you feel? What seems to help? Be aware of the types of anxiety you are feeling and how you are choosing to address them.
  • Try deep breathing. Take 2-3 deep breaths, inhaling and exhaling so your abdomen expands and contracts. Deep breathing can trigger the body's relaxation response, reducing your feelings of anxiety.

Multiple Choice Tests

Instructors are not out to trick you, but multiple choice tests can sometimes feel that way. Multiple choice tests are designed to make sure you know the information, and to do so, these tests often include more than just recognition, vocabulary, and knowledge-level questions. These tests often require you to compute, to apply concepts to new situations, and to think critically about what you've learned in the course. You have to know the material backwards and forwards, and when you get to the test, you may see unfamiliar material.

Tips for test prep and studying

Different kinds of tests require different kinds of studying. As you progress through college, you’ll experience instructors with a wide array of testing philosophies and approaches. That is why it is a good idea to spend time early in the term figuring out

Tips for Essay Questions on Exams

You've studied for your exam, and you know it's going to be an essay test. What do you do once you're in the test, taking it? How do you structure your approach?


A.    Writing the Exam

Techniques for test taking

There are many factors involved in being a good test taker, and while preparation may the single most important predictor of success on tests, there are techniques students can learn and use while taking tests that have been shown to have small, positive impacts on exam grades (Wark & Flippo, 1991). Bring everything you need. Prepare ahead of time. Arrive Early. Don’t sit near the panic-stricken or anxious people – it’s contagious! Take a few deep breaths & relax.

How to Conduct a Successful Study Group

Study groups can be one of the most effective methods of studying, but they can also be distracting and hard to work with. Here are some ideas about how to effectively use a group study session.