Tips for Creating and Maintaining a Healthy Support System

Dedicating adequate time to building relationships is an important part of achieving balance. Spending too much time socializing can detract from your studies, but spending too little time may make it harder to feel supported.

The Importance of Support

A support network can include a variety of forms of interaction with a range of people who can support you in different ways. Social networking and other forms of technology make it easy to communicate quickly and with many people different people. Building relationships and spending face-to-face time with people who support us can help us find balance and promote academic success.

Tips to Support Your Quest for Involvement

Now's the time to get involved, make connections, learn and support and grow. So how do you do it?


  • Volunteer. OSU’s Center for Civic Engagement (CCE) has information on service opportunities in the community. The CCE can do individual service consultations to help students connect to meaningful service opportunities. They also lead Alternative Service Breaks

Get Involved!

Student involvement encompasses the total amount of physical and psychological energy students invest in their college experience (Astin, 1984). Every activity counts. The ten minutes a residential student spends in the MU quad talking to a career center worker or the fifteen minutes the Ecampus student spends chatting with an OSU librarian about a project add to the collective college experience. Getting involved contributes to student success and happiness.