Finding a place where you can do your best studying is an important step. We've collected some options below. If you have a place that you like and you'd like to share it, tell us about it! And if your study space isn't quite working, evaluate it: what's distracting you, and what can you do to get to a better place?

Milam Hall room 311 – School of History, Philosophy, and Religion Library

This space is quiet with many books that can be referenced and that were written by OSU professors.

The Memorial Union

This building offers several spaces that are usually quiet and can be used for individual and group study. It also has several places where you can purchase food/coffee.

Kelley Engineering Center

This building offers several study spaces as well as computer labs for students. There are nooks for studying and also a large common area outfitted with tables and whiteboards and markers. It also offers many power outlets where computers can be charged. 

Withycombe Hall

This building houses the Animal and Rangeland Sciences Computer Lab and Library, where students can meet in groups to study and conduct research. Because this is a lesser-known study space on campus, there is often available space for you to meet your peers. 

Valley Library Study Rooms

These rooms are useful for group study and can be easily reserved. It's nice to have a quiet area that's easy to find where everyone can meet.

Valley Library Sixth Floor

This is the quiet floor of the library and provides you with an opportunity to study alone in a quiet place in the library while still being able to access the books, internet, Undergrad Research & Writing Studio, and more. 

Learning Innovation Center (LINC)

LINC has several floors with different spaces to study individually or gather with a group. There are tables, chairs, and nooks of wall that act as whiteboards so you can work/talk through processes and steps and diagrams. You can find a lot of quiet space on the 3rd and 4th floors, and comfy chairs, too.

Strand Agricultural Hall (STAG)

STAG has several spaces for students to meet and work together or to study alone. This is a nice option because it's near the middle of campus and a quick walk to other buildings. 

The Beth Ray Center (BRC)

The 2nd floor offers study rooms that are nice for either group or individual study, and each one has a whiteboard to work on.  This is a nice area because it's near several of the dorms. Open Monday through Friday, 8 AM to 5 PM.  

Tell us your favorite study space!

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