The Academic Success Center (ASC) is committed to supporting student success and helping students achieve their academic goals. Professors, instructors, advisors and other university staff members are some of the best resources students have! You are a main point of contact for students, and at the ASC, we would like to support your work with students and provide consultations on student success.

Our staff has expertise in academic support resources, advising, academic coaching, study strategies, and guiding students as they navigate the university. Our services include:

  • Information on the services and programs we offer students, and ideas on how to refer them to us
  • Presentations or workshops for your class, student group, or staff on academic success topics, resources or services
  • Activities and techniques to help your students develop their own academic success strategies through either in-class activities or one-on-one work with students
  • Individual consultation with you regarding students in academic difficulty and related resources the students could benefit from

Types of Referrals

  • Broad referral: Consider using a broad referall when talking to a whole class. All students benefit from planning out their term and strategizing around busy weeks of the term. Try to identify strategic moments of the term when students would benefit from scheduling an academic coaching appointment, stopping by the ASC to talk with a Success Strategist, or signing up for a group study table.
  • Online referral: You can post links to ASC resources on Canvas and consider having links to specific resources bookmarked so you can include them in email replies to students who might benefit from support
  • Student-specific referral: You often have the chance to talk one-on-one with students about their academic performance and goals. We hope you'll promote the ASC within these conversations. You can suggest students drop by Waldo Hall 125, refer them to a specific program, or give them one of our brochures or cards. If you would like to have ASC materials on hand for these important conversations, please fill out our request form.

Students in Difficulty: Whom Should I Contact?

During their time at OSU, students may face challenging life events, health issues and a host of other personal situations that impact their academic and personal success. The Academic Success Center joins the Dean of Student Life Office, the Student Life Assistance Team, the Student Care Team, and a myriad of other programs and services in offering support to faculty and staff that work with students.

The visual in the links below provides clear contact information for resources available for consultation about a student. At the Academic Success Center, we know that often times what appears as an academic issue or an instance of academic difficulty may only be one element of a much larger situation.  Your outreach may be the first step in connecting the student with resources that meet their individual needs.

If you are interested in consulting with a staff member of the Academic Success Center regarding a student situation, please contact us via phone or email.  Please email or call the Academic Success Center front desk 541-737-2272.

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