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  • Topic: 5 Weeks to Go - Time for a Plan! | Date & Time: Wed. 11/1 @ 6 - 6:50 p.m. | Location: TBD - in person

Description: Fall term is full of opportunities and expectations - class time, study time, chapter meetings, chapter events, OSU events, college opportunities, employment...and the list goes on... It's a lot!! With 5 weeks to go in the term, let's talk about strategies to plan,  achieve tasks and meet due dates. Oh right - and study your coursework! And take care of yourself! We'll talk through different approaches and tools to support your planning, and then you get to choose what works for you and what you want to take forward into your process.

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  • Topic: Concentration, Distraction & Effective Study Sessions - Finals Edition | Date & Time: Thurs. 11/30 @ 6 - 6:50 p.m. | Location: TBD - in person

Description: To prepare for finals, you need to be able to concentrate. This isn’t new news, but it can be difficult. Learn strategies and techniques that can help you work effectively in your study sessions as you get ready for finals.

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Information of Note

We’ve designed workshops to engage & connect with you, our audience:

  • Please feel welcome to share; when we pose prompts or polls, your responses  help us frame content specific to you & your peers.
  • In Zoom workshops, if you’d like to share something privately, please send a chat message directly to the facilitator.

We know 6 p.m. can be low energy time for some folks, that screen-time can be fatiguing & that you’re juggling a lot.

  • For Zoom workshops, we’ll have our cameras on & love when it works for folks to have theirs on too.
  • If you need help with technology, let us know!
  • If you need a break or a snack, go for it.
  • If you hear us invite you to share, know we really want to hear from you!

We’ll invite you to take a quick survey at the end - we build this into our time with you.

  • We value your feedback & use it to make changes moving forward.
  • The survey doesn’t take long, and your responses mean a lot.  

Thank you in advance for your help!