We're excited to partner with you in support of student success and are always open to collaboration with faculty. Listed below are a few ideas of what collaboration might look like. If you have other ideas, please be in touch!

Request an ASC workshop

We have a variety of workshops that you can request for your class. Topics include the science of learning, test prep, time management, success strategies, and more. Workshops vary in topic and length and can be tailored to fit your students' needs. You can view our workshop menu and request a workshop here. Not sure what workshop might be best? Contact Sarah Norek to talk through options. 

Workshops are most effective when

  • We plan with you in advance, so we can tailor the workshop to the particular student group's needs and interests
  • The instructor is present to introduce the workshop and it's context in the class and to participtae throughout
  • Students have the chance to ask questions and think critically about what they're hearing
  • The class has related follow-up actions so students can put what they've learned into practice

Design an ASC Extra Credit Assignment

We're excited to have your students visit the ASC and make use of our resources. There are many capacities in which students can visit with or without an appointment. There are also ways for students to engage in person or online. If you'd like to design an assignment that's specific to your course which requires ASC engagement, contact Marjorie Coffey to talk through ideas.

Invite Us to Your Next Department/College Meeting or Retreat

We know it can be hard to keep track of the many resources available to students on campus. If you have upcoming department meetings or retreats and would like the ASC to come and give a brief presentation or overview of our services, please contact Marjorie Coffey. We can plan for the type of event and interaction that works for your team.