We're excited to partner with you in sending the message of academic support to your students! Here are a few ways you can convey that message:


We understand syllabi include many statements and can be an overwhelming amount of information. This information is intended to demonstrate to students that you care about their academic success and want to connect them to resources. Here is some sample language you might use in a syllabus:

Sample 1

Knowing and using your academic support resources is a key element of academic success. You can always talk with me about this course or successes and challenges in your other courses. Please feel free to use office hours, make an appointment, or stop by my office if you’re on campus to see if I’m available. I’d also encourage you to use your many success resources on campus such as the Academic Success Center's Learning CornerAcademic CoachingSupplemental Instruction, and the Writing Center.

Sample 2

There are many people and resources at OSU that are eager to help you on your academic path, and that will support you as achieve success in college courses. If you’re unsure where to start, check out these free academic support resources: Academic CoachingSupplemental Instructionthe Writing Centerthe Learning Corner, and UESP. If none of these resources is the right fit, be in touch: talk to me, to your academic advisor, or to a Strategist in the Academic Success Center. We are excited to help you succeed!

We have a range of infographics that help students meet the challenges of navigating university learning. If you have an idea for an infographic that would benefit students broadly or within your discipline/field, let us know!

Plan for the Term Infographic     Prepare For Large Lecture InfographicOffice hours infographic     Study Groups Infographic

A bell ringer is an attention-focuser posted before or at the start of class. For example, you might post information on a resource, an image relating to the topic of the day, a prompt for students to respond to, or a PPT with slides that cycle as students enter the room. The start of class can be a great opportunity to introduce or remind students of success resources and strategies available to them. The ASC has a range of slides and PDFs available for you to use. 

Success Strategies

Planning PPT slide   Prepping for Lecture PPT slide   Visit Office Hours PPT slide  

Distributed Practice PPT slide   Note Taking PPT slide   Self-Testing PPT slide

Image of Preview Reade Recall PPT slide  Image of Find your heard, Learn together PPT   Image of Bee successful, Work together PPT