ASC Annual Report

The ASC provides students with a range of programs and services to support student success in the university. Our annual report provides an overview of student access to resources, impact of those resources, and the ASC's major achievement during the year.

National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE)

The NSSE is a survey of first-year and senior-students from hundreds of colleges across the United States. The survey's two parts focus on 1) how students study and engage in meaningful experiences and 2) how the university uses resources and curriculum to effectively engage students. This information can be used to identify high impact practices (HIPs) that can be implemented or increased to improve student success and engagement. The annual NSSE report, institutional findings, and data tables can be viewed at NSSE Findings. The NSSE Research Brief of High Impact Practices provides a concise report on traits which are key to student engagement and to life-long learning.

President Ray's Statement on Student Success and Quality

On October 13, 2016, President Ray addressed the faculty sentate with an update on the Student Success Initiative. He reiterated the "specific raise Oregon State’s six-year undergraduate graduation rate for all groups of students from 64.3% to 70% by 2020 and to raise the first-year retention rate for all students from 84.8% to 90%" and provided an overview of how OSU is moving forward to advance student success, including 1) a partnership with the University Innovation Alliance to develop advising strategies based on data analytics, 2) colleges adopting "Finish in 4" programs, and 3) Student Affairs partnering with the OSU Foundation to increase resources for students that will contribute to retention and graduation.