Do you feel like your life is out of balance? Do you feel like you’re being pulled in numerous directions and are not sure how to deal with everything? Do you want to figure out how to feel more balanced and together?

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Remember that finding balance is an ongoing process. There will be times throughout the year when you will feel like you’re flourishing, and, most likely, there will be times when the term is difficult and you do not feel like you're flourishing. That’s okay. Keep in mind that achieving balance and flourishing are life-long pursuits.  Change can be gradual; one small step in the right direction will build momentum and the repercussion of that step might have a significant impact on your productivity, outlook, and overall academic pursuits.

(Not sure what you're looking for? Navigate to our Where Do I Start page and answer some questions. Based on your answers, we'll suggest some strategies and tools to use. You can check those out and use them to begin a more in-depth exploration of the Learning Corner.)

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image of waves hitting the beach on a sunny day
Only you can determine how best to take care of yourself, but these ideas can help.
Image of wellness wheel
Academic success is holistic - if you're not taking care of yourself, your studies can suffer.
Image of down and up arrows to depict healthy and unhealthy stress
Can you tell that you're stressed? What are the signs? Are you noticing them all?
image of landcape with red mountains and craters
It can be easy to identify that you're feeling stressed, but sometimes it's hard to know what to do about it. These stretegies and tips can help!
There are so many places and people who can help you manage and overcome your stress, and get to feeling great.
Man full of panic
Feeling panicked? Celebrate it, and then find some ways to get back to calm.
Carnival ride
Counseling & Psychological Services has your back. This list of ways to handle stress in the moment is here to help.
More ideas, and additional campus resources, to help you navigate and lessen your stress.
Screenshot of written strategies to manage stress
Stress happens, and it can be a challenge. Read through these strategies to learn new ways to help manage what you're feeling.
Photo of written word mindfulness by Lesly Juarez on Unsplash
Are you taking care of yourself as well as you should be? Take this quiz and find out!
Illustrations of different ways to take a break
There are so many ways to take a break and refresh yourself! Take a peek at this worksheet - have you tried everything yet?
Koala sleeping
We've got a lot of information to share about how to sleep better. We invite you to explore all these options, and find what works best!