Student involvement encompasses the total amount of physical and psychological energy students invest in their college experience (Astin, 1984). Every activity counts. The ten minutes a residential student spends in the MU quad talking to a career center worker or the fifteen minutes the Ecampus student spends chatting with an OSU librarian about a project add to the collective college experience. Getting involved contributes to student success and happiness. Students who are involved engage themselves as active learners by attending classes, completing coursework, and partaking in community activities (Astin, 1984).

Here at OSU, we have many opportunities to help you get involved. Whether you’re interested in volunteering in the community, joining a club, or seeking out a leadership role on campus, there are many ways you can invest your time and energy.  Your involvement is a vital part of Beaver Nation. Visit Student Leadership and Involvment to find out more!

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