It’s rare that weekly or nightly homework is assigned in college; so when it is, make sure to take full advantage of it. And when it isn’t, see if you can design something to replicate this practice. Homework is all about learning, practicing, and remembering the skills you need for exams and for future applications of information. Simply put, doing homework = studying for exams. Homework (whether you assign yourself or the professor assigns it) is a chance to practice what you know so you’re fully prepared for a quiz, test, or exam.

Common types of homework:
  • Practice problems
  • Practice questions
  • Quizzes on reading
  • Reading chapters

The goal of these activities is to give you hands-on practice with the concepts and problems you will need to know in the future. As you may know from the “The Memory Process,” repetition and elaboration will help you remember material, and practice will show you what you know well and what you need to spend more time learning. All of these skills contribute to self-monitoring that gives you an accurate picture of how you’ll do on tests.

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