One habit of successful students is self-reflection.  

If you want to improve your academic success, one of the best places to start is with reflection about what aspects of your study habits and processes are working for you and which aspects are not working.  Think about the times when you were successful. What study patterns, approach, trends did you notice? What were the key characteristics of your success?

By paying attention to what made you successful, you may be able to employ the same strategies and actions you used in those successful situations within other areas where you may be struggling. 

When reflecting, also think back to the difficulties and challenges you have when you were struggling.  What are some of the variables that impacted your ability to be successful?  Remember to consider your own actions and how they contributed to your outcomes, in addition to how external factors influenced you. 

Active reflection helps you become more aware of and involved in your own learning and success.  Reflection allows you to plan for effective actions and decisions that will contribute to strong academic performance.

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