Professors, Instructors, TAs

As a resource, professors and instructors provide the most direct link to the course content you’re studying. If you’re struggling in a class, have questions about material, or want to know more about a subject, your instructors are a great first contact for learning more.  Most teaching faculty have set office hours.  You can visit office hours to discuss anything, from questions about course content to recent grades/class performance.  Faculty may also know about internships and other academic opportunities in their department or field which may be available to you. It’s worth taking the time to get to know your professors.  Professors can be great mentors and strong advocates for you when you're seeking out a new opportunity in the field or requesting a reference for graduate school.  

Friends, Peers, Classmates

The students who surround you are an invaluable form of support for your academic success.  Your fellow students contribute greatly to your college experience. In an academic context, think of your fellow students as potential study partners or study group participants.  Study partners and groups are excellent resources, as you can collaborate together to understand and master course content.  Outside of academics, your fellow students provide you with rich opportunities to learn about people from varying backgrounds, to gain insight into other people's world view, and to develop strong relationships based on shared interests.

Campus Services, Programs & Offices

OSU has a wide range of services and programs on campus. For many students, finding the right resource can be a challenging task.  If you find yourself wishing there was an office that did X, or a person to talk to about Y, contact the Academic Success Center; we will do our best to help you connect with the most appropriate resource that can meet your individual needs. And, check out the Experience @ OSU resource site for a comprehensive list of OSU resources. You can use the filters on the right to choose which kind of support you're looking from. If you still have questions, don't hesitate to visit or call us in Waldo 125: 541-737-2272. 

Technology – Websites & Apps

As a student at OSU, you are expected to navigate a range of websites and learning tools (Canvas, myOSU, MyDegrees, Student Online Services) and to regularly check and use your email for university communication.  It takes time to learn how to use all of these different resources, but these tools are designed to improve your experience as a student and to increase your opportunities to engage with course content and learn in a variety of ways.  In addition to OSU-specific technology, innovative technology continues to impact the learning, studying, and research habits of students, faculty and staff. If you’re interested, we encourage you to seek out learning apps, websites and videos, and other pieces of technology that improve your experience as a student.

Your Academic Advisor

Academic advisors are trained professionals whose role is to help you navigate degree requirements, encourage reflection about educational interests, engage you in career preparation and planning, promote use of resources, and answer questions as you progress in your academic career. Each college has different requirements about how and when to meet with your advisor, but, as with other resources, you should be proactive in working with an academic advisor.  By establishing a relationship with your advisor and sharing your ideas and concerns with them, you can maintain a strong support network that will keep you on track as you progress through your degree requirements.