Are you achieving your goals? Are you taking responsibility for your learning? Are you seeking out the tools and resources that will help you achieve these goals?

College provides an environment where you are encouraged to take responsibility for your personal success.  In college, you are the person in charge of your own academic achievement. You are responsible for your grades and for working toward your academic goals. 

Starting the term out strong is a great way to achieve your academic goals.  The time and energy you spend planning academic success early in the term will pay off throughout the term.  You can also reduce your levels of stress and anxiety by managing your time effectively in order to complete assignments and projects and maintain a healthy life balance with your schoolwork.

Tracking your grades and GPA also contributes to your success, and it is easy to do!  By tracking grades and GPA, you can be sure you are achieving your short-term and long-term goals.  Establishing goals and checking in on them regularly makes you more aware of your progress and allows you to seek out help and additional resources when needed.

Keeping a positive attitude towards learning will allow you to embrace challenges and learn from your mistakes. Getting a low grade does not make you a failure; rather, it means that you have room to grow and improve. By seeking out help and being willing to try again and put in extra effort, you can achieve your academic goals.

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