Make your SMART goals smart.


  • Break your goal into smaller tasks or action steps. These smaller steps make progress on the goal more manageable and give you a sense of accomplishment as you move closer to your goal.
  • Make goals with others (friends, family members, coworkers). If other people know about your goals or share the same goals, you create accountability for yourself.
  • Anticipate possible challenges.  Obstacles and setbacks are part of life. For each of your goals, try to anticipate some of the challenges you may face.  Generate a list of resources that might help you overcome these challenges.  
  • Visualize your achievement.  What will completing your goal feel like? Visualizing your accomplishments can help motivate you to make progress toward your goal.
  • Reward yourself.  Having an incentive can be a fun way to motivate you to work hard to achieve your goal.
  • Manage your time. Use time management tools to help you organize your tasks, set aside time to work towards your goal, and track your progress.
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