Do you feel like you prioritize, or prefer to put things off? Do you think these could be synonymous? Do you find yourself cleaning or cooking or disappearing into TV shows when you have a big project to start? Are you a pro at saying you'll start on it tomorrow?

You're not alone - not by a long shot.

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Take a look at these articles and tools to help you to better understand and identify procrastination, and to challenge your inclination to procrastinate. Take a minute to consider what might help motivate you most to get started on this work - a partner, a cookie, a movie, a mini dance-party? Motivation is one of the keys to getting started and keeping at it. Even though it will take some doing, you're totally capable of beating procrastination and propelling yourself forward. 

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image of snowy mountains
A technique to accomplish tasks that's as fun to do as it is to say.
Student sleeping in union
Procrastinate much? You're not alone, and you can turn it around. Explore how it makes us feel and why it happens.
screenshot of where do you procrastinate worksheet
Do you procrastinate? Do you not? Use this worksheet to find out when and where it happens.
image of a pile of multi-colored push pins
Procrastination is hard. It can snag anyone. Here are some tips to help you break free and get going.
image of a stack of work seperated into paperclipped bundles
Yes, there are lots of ways we explain our procrastination, but it's often for one of these six reasons.
screenshot of procrastination, motivation and goal setting video
Learn how goal setting and motivation work together against procrastination.
images of scrabble board with the words make, happen, and success
People talk all the time about setting goals, but how to you set SMART ones, and why do they work?
screenshot of goal setting video on youtube
Hear more about goal setting, and how to do it so it works, here.
image of sticky-note pads in different colors
It's awesome that you're making goals, but are they SMART enough?
screenshot of motivation techniques worksheet
Procrastination can be easier to avoid when you're able to find motivation. Check out these techniques!
Student in a field
Every term will be different, but these tips will stay the same.
Person sitting on tree limb
It's new, after all. Take whatever happened previously and make it work for you and what you want to achieve.