Knock procrastination over the head.


  • Have a plan. Set goals and make use of a weekly schedule and a to-do list.  These can keep you organized and help you stay committed to completing your tasks.
  • Find motivation. Think of 1-2 good reasons for getting tasks done early, and write those reasons down. We often allow ourselves to procrastinate because we think “I can do this later." When that thought comes up, make sure you have an answer for why it’s important to complete the task now.
  • Make it easy to get started. Schedule a date and time for starting your task, be specific about what you will accomplish, and find a location that is conducive to accomplishing your task.  
  • Identify your procrastination tendencies and your excuses. If you know that cleaning is a technique you use to procrastinate from homework, plan ahead for this.  Set aside time for each task, pay attention when you get distracted, and redirect yourself to the reasons you want to complete the task now.
  • Learn to say "no" when distractions arise. There will always be things that threaten to interrupt your productivity.  Saying "no" to interruptions or distractions can keep you on track as you complete your task.
  • Be patient. Procrastination is something you work to overcome over time by developing better habits.  There will be areas of your life and times during the term when it will be harder to overcome this challenge. Recognize when you are making positive choices, and reward your successes.

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