Health plays such a pivotal role in your academic success, it's worth taking time to reflect on your own health and to explore new ideas about health.

While there are general guidelines and information about nutrition, exercise, and other ways to generate healthy habits, the exact behaviors that promote health and wellness differ between individuals. Part of evaluating your own health is monitoring the effectiveness of your concentration, study time, and performance. If there are areas you’d like to improve, you can seek out information and resources to assist you in forming habits that promote your physical well-being and academic success.


  • Plan time for wellness-based activities as you schedule your time each day, week, or month: prepare and eat healthy meals, exercise, and engage in stress-reducing activities.
  • Monitor your nutrition. Do you have energy? Feel lethargic?  Using the tools below, and an abundance of resources on the internet, learn more about how to enhance your academic success through nutritional habits. optimal nutrition, exercise habits, and other healthy behaviors that promote well-being.
  • Monitor your physical activity. Does exercise help your stress levels? Is it positively impacting your ability to study, sleep, and get to class? Learn more about how to enhance your academic success through physical activity.
  • Take a proactive approach to using health resources. Find out about the clinical services at OSU’s Student Health Services (SHS), as well as the community health resources, and make use of them for both routine check-ups and urgent needs. When you check out SHS, look into the programs and information they provide to help students improve their health and wellness which in turn help increase academic success.
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