Now's the time to get involved, make connections, learn and support and grow. So how do you do it?


  • Volunteer. OSU’s Center for Civic Engagement (CCE) has information on service opportunities in the community. The CCE can do individual service consultations to help students connect to meaningful service opportunities. They also lead Alternative Service Breaks
  • Join one of the 400+ clubs on campus. Find out more by searching the student organization data base
  • Get to know your neighbor. This could be your roommate, floor-mate, or someone living nearby you. When you spend time getting to know people around you, you are more likely to have people to turn to when you need support.
  • Explore ways to get involved at OSU’s Corvallis Campus.
    • Ask others for advice. Ask professors, advisors, ALAs, CRFs, RAs, RDs and peers about opportunities for involvement based on your interests.
    • See what’s happening with Student Leadership & Involvement (SLI). Join a club on campus, or if you have a passion that isn’t represented, start your own club.
    • Go to on-campus events hosted by student organizations and the cultural and resource centers. OSUPC hosts Family Weekends in the fall and spring, as well as OSU Has Talent, Battle of the Bands, and the Flat Tail Festival. SLI hosts a MLK celebration every winter. ISOSU hosts coffee hours, mingles, and different cultural nights. The cultural resource centers on campus host events throughout the year. All students are welcome to join in any of these events.
  • Explore ways to get involved in your local community.
    • When you’re drinking coffee at your favorite café, check out the signs and posters for upcoming events. Pick your favorite and attend the event.
    • Find events and opportunities in your local newspaper.
    • If you're interested in spiritual involvement, visit local faith-based organizations to find a community that matches your needs.  
  • Be intentional about your involvement by asking yourself exploratory questions:
    • What have you done before that you really enjoyed?
    • What new skills or abilities would you like to gain?
    • What new experiences would you like to have while you are at OSU?
    • How can your involvement better prepare you for your chosen career field?
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