This is your life, and these are your college years. What are you doing to set yourself up for success?


  • Analyze your strengths. Focus on what you do well.  Continue to do well in those areas, and try to apply your strengths in other areas where you are struggling.
  • Set small, realistic goals. Goal setting will help you stay focused.  Completing your goals will add motivation and momentum as you work.
  • Monitor your progress. Use grade analysis sheets, check Canvas regularly, and track your GPA. Knowing your grades throughout the term will help you prioritize your efforts in classes and on assignments.
  • Seek help. When you notice that you’re struggling in a class (and it’s best to acknowledge this as early as possible), use your resources. Talk to your instructors, evaluate your study strategies, meet with an academic coach, and be proactive in asking for suggestions.
  • Stay in touch with your values and your long-term goals. Keep an eye on your degree and your long-term plan. Revisit your goals and plans for motivation when you get discouraged.

Learn a little more about how you can track your success, and then get tracking!

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