Consider these tools to evaluate your time usage and to schedule towards increased efficiency!
  • Weekly Calendar (PDF) - a great way to schedule yourself in detail: block out the hours you're in classes; the times that you wake up, eat, and go to sleep; when you might visit Dixon or engage in activity; when you're expected to meet with a group; when you're studying (and what you're doing during that study time!); etc.
  • Time Budget Sheet (PDF) - a great way to discover how much time you're using in a week for different activities, and compare that to how much time in a week there actually is!
  • Time Log Worksheet (PDF) - consider this tool as a way to reflect on where you spend your time - are you studying as much as you could/should be? What are you doing instead? Do you notice that you're spending a lot of time aimlessly surfing the internet? Find out, and then start to use your weekly calendar to better manage your days.
  • How Much School Do You Have Time For (.xlsx) - a little like the time log, but in an Excel sheet, with a rad pie-graph result to boot. Take another look at where your time goes.
  • So Much To Do, So Little Time (PDF) - a way for you to work through a prioritization exercise. What do your choices say about the way you decide to do one thing ahead of or behind another? Are you satisfied with your approach? What's something you might change or do differently?
  • Using Time Effectively (PDF)
  • Apps: iHomework, Reminders, Google Calendar, and others
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