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screenshot of concentration and distraction video
Trying to concentrate? Getting distracted? This video's for you.
screenshot of procrastination, motivation and goal setting video
Learn how goal setting and motivation work together against procrastination.
screenshot of goal setting video on youtube
Hear more about goal setting, and how to do it so it works, here.
screenshot of mindset video from youtube
A truly important segment of the Student Responsibility video. Mindset matters.
screenshot of student responsibilty video on youtube
You are in charge of your education. That's a big responsibility! Hear about how to make the most of it.
screenshot of the homework and practice video on youtube
This is a segment of the Learning & Memory video, and focuses on homework and practice.
screenshot of the reading video on YouTube
Not all reading is the same. Learn how to better read (and retain information) for your courses.
screenshot of note-taking video on youtube
Effective note taking? We can walk you through that.
screenshot of test anxiety video on youtube
Still not sure how to combat your test anxiety? This video can help.
screenshot of what is academic coaching video
Curious about Academic Coaching? Learn more about it here.
screenshot of The Memory Process Video
Our memories work best when we've engaged multiple senses to learn the material. You've read about memory; now, hear and watch about it, too.
screenshot of Learning & Memory video
So your learning is directly related to your memory, right? But what does successful memorization entail?