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Feeling challenged by test preparation? We've got strategies for that. Not sure what to do when your instructor talks fast? We can help. Need a tool to get a better sense for your term and how big assignments coincide with each other, with other exams, with social engagements? Here's one.

And, while we know it's great to be able to do the investigation on your own, know that we have trained Academic Coaches who are ready to meet with you and talk through any of this information, or what you're experiencing in your courses. Watch a video about Academic Coaching to see if it's the next step you're looking for. Then, schedule an appointment online, or call 541-737-2272 to start working with a coach now.

Not sure what you're looking for? Navigate to our Where Do I Start page and answer some questions. Based on your answers, we'll suggest some strategies and tools to use. You can check those out and use them to begin a more in-depth exploration of the Learning Corner.

Thanks for visiting, happy learning, and know that we're looking forward to being a part of your learning process and college experience, so be in touch!

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image of academic investment, social involvement, and community contributing to academic success
OSU is full of opportunities for you to get involved and engaged in the campus community. Find what's right for you!
Man on beach
The Academic Success Center offers Academic Coaching, and Student Health Services offers Wellness Coaching. Total win.
Fruit stand
A little about what OSU is doing to help keep our campus and community healthy.
Sandwich and drink
Curious about what and how much should show up in your meals? Or how much activity to have in your day? This website can help!
Girls with hands in air
College is a journey, and we (and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) want it to be a healthy one for you.
image of waves hitting the beach on a sunny day
Only you can determine how best to take care of yourself, but these ideas can help.
Image of wellness wheel
Academic success is holistic - if you're not taking care of yourself, your studies can suffer.
Image of down and up arrows to depict healthy and unhealthy stress
Can you tell that you're stressed? What are the signs? Are you noticing them all?
image of landcape with red mountains and craters
It can be easy to identify that you're feeling stressed, but sometimes it's hard to know what to do about it. These stretegies and tips can help!
There are so many places and people who can help you manage and overcome your stress, and get to feeling great.
Man full of panic
Feeling panicked? Celebrate it, and then find some ways to get back to calm.
Carnival ride
Counseling & Psychological Services has your back. This list of ways to handle stress in the moment is here to help.