The accordion menu below provides information and links for a range of materials designed to support the work you do with students in a variety of capacities and interactions. 

From brochures to business cards to post cards, the ASC has several options for marketing materials that can be used in conversations/consultations with students. To preview and request materials, please use our Request Marketing Materials survey. If you have any questions about these options, or are interested in designing something specific to your audience, please don’t hesitate to be in touch with Sarah Norek: | 541-737-6587.

We’ve designed our digital campaigns to remain timely to students success and support. To that end, we make these assets available via Box, which you can access for each campaign individually.

"Ask for Help" Poster Campaign: In fall 2019, the ASC launched an Ask for Help poster campaign (sample set viewable below). The campaign was designed with input from campus stakeholders, including faculty senate and enrolled students. With the approval and support of the Registrar and the Schedule Desk, posters were hung across campus beginning week 2 of the term. They can be found in all general purpose classrooms and many departmental classrooms. If you have a space that you’d like these posters displayed, or if you know of posters in need of replacement, please be in touch with Clare Creighton. View the "Ask for Help" posters via Box

2018/19 Learn-to-Learn Campaign: From winter 2017 through spring 2019, the ASC launched a series of images to digital signage boards across OSU's Corvallis campus. Each term highlighted a theme (faculty/student engagement, study groups, office hours, and more) and content was rotated every few weeks. View the catalog of these digital signs via Box

2014 Learning Campaign: In fall 2014, the ASC created a series of "Learning Campaign" posters. These posters were predominantly posted in UHDS residence halls on the Corvallis campus and were rotated in different locations using static clings.  View the "Learning Campaign" posters via Box

You may also be interested in our "Bellringer" slides available for download: 

The most popular page on our website by far is the "All Tools & Worksheets" page on the Learning Corner. There, you'll find tools (worksheets, handouts, strategies, and more) organized in several categories. We recommend bookmarking this page on your browser for handy reference, and linking to the PDFs directly when you email students about something specific you suggest the explore/try. Doing so ensures that, as any updates are made, you'll have the most recent version. Let us know if we're missing a topic area you'd like to see!

Use of ASC Materials

We’re always delighted to hear that colleagues at other institutions find tools and material we offer useful for their work as well. To that end, we welcome direct links to our content/documents; by linking directly, users are able to access the most current version/content.

If you’re interested in reproducing our downloadable content, we request that you do so completely, including all branding and contact information. If you’re interested in referencing any of our content, we ask that you attribute the work to the Academic Success Center at Oregon State University, and that you cite the original work. If you need assistance or have any questions, please don’t hesitate to be in touch: | 541-737-6587.

Our tools and materials are all licensed with the Creative Commons (CC) license Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs CC BY-NC-ND.

With this license, you're able to download the materials and share them, too, crediting the Academic Success Center at Oregon State University. This CC license does not allow for any changes in any way, and our materials may not be used commercially. If you're interested in example attributions, CC has created a best practices for attribution page for reference and further information.

We love to hear who's using our content and how — please reach out and let us know what you’re using and if you have any ideas for additional content.