Dedicating adequate time to building relationships is an important part of achieving balance. Spending too much time socializing can detract from your studies, but spending too little time may make it harder to feel supported.

Finding the right balance between school, work, and socializing is an important part of establishing a positive support network.  


  • Introduce yourself to people when you attend activities and participate in programs on campus or in your community.
  • Call home. Keep in touch with your family, friends, and loved ones.
  • Get to know your professors. Check in during office hours. Build rapport that could help you throughout your college experience.
  • Join a Supplemental Instruction study table if you are enrolled in a supported class.
  • Create your own study groups for the classes you are taking. You’ll make new friends and most likely better understand course material.
  • Find a community. Some students take comfort in a faith-based community. Others enjoy athletic communities. Finding the right community for you will help you make friends and feel at home.
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