You're using a planner? You rock.

You make to-do lists? That's radical.

It sounds like you're already engaging in some great techniques to keep yourself on task and manage your time. Why don't you give this a try, too: term-long planning, where you get a look at your entire term and everything major that's happening in it - major assignments, midterms and finals, extracurricular committments, time away from campus to visit family or friends. When you're able to see all of this in just one place, you can start to recognize how assignments and expectations and engagements will stack up, and you can begin to plan so that you can accomplish everything that needs to be done.

Give these ideas a try.


  • Create a term-long assignment calendar at the beginning of the term.  Include information from all of your courses, as well as busy weekends and other life commitments.
  • Integrate your tests and due dates into your weekly planner at the beginning of the term so you can plan ahead for these major assignments.
  • Work backwards with your planning. Look at big projects and events and create sub-goals, smaller deadlines, and other manageable milestones to break up the project.  Remember to a lot enough time needed for each project and overestimate when unsure how long a task will take.
  • Plan ahead. Identify spots in the term when you have many commitments - personally, academically, and professionally.  Decide on specific ways you will prepare for those times so that they do not become stressful and overwhelming.
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