SI is out for the summer, but we will see you in September!


SI registration begins during Week 1 of the term! Registration times are in PST.

To register, click a button below, and you will be taken to the registration platform for that course's study tables. If you have any questions about registering for SI courses, please email

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Click a course below to sign up for an SI supported course:

BA 211: Financial Accounting  
BA 275: Foundations of Statistical Inference  
BI 204 (Ecampus): Introductory Biology I  
BI 221: Principles of Biology  
BI 231: Introduction to Anatomy and Physiology  
CH 121: General Chemistry  
CH 121 (Ecampus): General Chemistry  
CH 201: Chemistry for Engineering Majors  
CH 231: General Chemistry  
Econ 201: Introduction to Microeconomics  
Econ 202: Introduction to Macroeconomics  
MTH 111: College Algebra  
MTH 112: Elementary Functions  
MTH 241: Calculus for Management and Social Science  
MTH 251: Differential Calculus  
MTH 252:  Integral Calculus  
MTH 254: Vector Calculus I  
PH 201: General Physics  
PH 211: General Physics with Calculus  
PSY 201: General Psychology  
PSY 202: General Psychology  
ST 351 (Ecampus): Introduction to Statistical Methods  



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