The ASC wants to hear from you! Whether you have recommendations for resource development or a great idea for a pilot you'd like to try in your department, we're excited to connect. 

Here are just a few areas where we welcome your thinking and experience:

  • Infographics: We have a suite of infographics and welcome ideas for new topics
  • General student success resources: Topics/resources that would benefit students broadly, regardless of major
  • Discipline-specific resources: Topics/resources that would support students in specific disciplines or fields of study
  • Collaboration: Pilot projects, research, conference presentations, learning communities, etc. where we can work together
  • Events: Opportunities to assist in planning, hosting, and providing materials for student events
  • Technology: Information on the various learning platforms you're using in courses and how you help students navigate learning in these new environments

Please fill out the webform below to share your ideas with us. If you would like us to follow-up with you, please include your name, email address, and a note indicating you'd like to hear from us.

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