The fall, we plan to resume in-person workshops in on-campus spaces. In addition to workshop requests, we'll be facilitating a scheduled online series that can be registered for and attended via Zoom throughout the term (if you have questions about Zoom or the webinar format, let us know in the notes/comments field). Click here to learn more about the remote workshop series!

We're thrilled to be working with you in whatever format you choose.

If you would like someone from the Academic Success Center to facilitate a workshop with your class, department, student organization, etc., please complete our workshop request. Workshop content draws from the science of learning and workshops are designed to be interactive, involving participants in discussion and/or activities. The below options usually last 30-50 minutes.

If you have any questions (about modes of delivery, campus locations, topics, etc.), please reach out directly to Sarah Norek at We remain eager and committed to supporting you and your group in this work!

Workshop Topics

A magic potion for success? We agree – that would be awesome. When you find it, call us. In the meantime, let’s work together to set you up to succeed, because you already have what it takes - experiences. Develop strategies based on your experiences and knowledge and take this first year by storm.

Oregon State University is resource-full. Get ready to identify and locate those academic resources that can help support you on your academic path (this presentation can vary in length and design).

In your coursework, you often have to recall information and make connections between past and new knowledge; this process relies heavily on attention and memory. In this workshop, we'll dive into the science of memory-making and share strategies for attention and studying that can help you transfer information to long-term memory.

To have an effective study session, you need to be able to concentrate. Great idea, right? If only there weren’t so many distractions! Get a better understanding of concentration and its nemesis, distraction, and then pack your bag and head for more efficient and effective study sessions. 

Group work can be a powerful academic and professional tool if used effectively. It can also be really hard and feel difficult. Explore techniques and strategies to harness strengths and increase efficiency in your groups.  Identify and practice ways group work can increase learning, creativity and productivity in your academics and your future career.

Motivation is a popular topic of conversation – different ways to motivate, what to do when it feels difficult to motivate, things that can get in the way of motivation, etc. In this workshop, we’ll explore several motivation concepts and will practice a variety of strategies to identify potential next-steps for those moments when we're feeling the motivation challenge.

Instructors are key to academic success, yet countless office hours go unattended and this valuable resource is underutilized. So let's break down office hour myths, talk through strategies for successful office hour usage, and consider the idea that strategies you practice and use now in office hours can be applied later as you move into life after OSU and begin networking towards new opportunities.

Goals come in all sizes. They can be daily, recurring targets, or they can be larger ambitions that we reach through the course of meeting many smaller goals. It goes without saying that some goals have better results than others. Learn how to make effective goals and achieve your aspirations.

Procrastinating is easy, but so is managing your time, once you have a few strategies to work with. Learn strategies to better manage your time, and to manage procrastination out of the picture.

Preparing for tests can feel daunting, and let’s be real – often, we wait until the last minute. Take this workshop to learn how your brain works and what it takes for it to truly learn something. Then, use this knowledge towards effective test preparation.

Fantastic! We’d love to work with you to design something that builds on what you’ve already learned or that tackles a new topic. Let us know where you’re at, and where you want to be.

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