About the Workshop Series

During fall term 2020, the Academic Success Center will be offering a workshop series for students to learn about various academic success topics. Using Zoom, we'll be facilitating dynamic conversations and offering strategies and information on such topics as time management, learning under stress, the writing process, concentration and distraction, and more.

Please click the calendar below to view our full fall term schedule:

Our workshops, while remote, still invite students to engage actively in breakout sessions and via the chat function. We're excited to share this space with folks, and look forward to building knowledge and tools together towards effective learning.

If you have any questions, or to request any accommodations, please don't hesitate to be in touch: Sarah Norek | Sarah.Norek@oregonstate.edu.

How to Sign Up

Below, you'll find descriptions of each of the workshops, as well as registration links. To register, you'll be asked to use your oregonstate.edu email address. If you're attending this workshop to fulfill a requirement, you'll have the option to submit an email address for the person who will need notification of your attendance.

If you experience any difficulty with the registration process, have any questions about attendance details, or would like to request accommodations, please email Sarah Norek: Sarah.Norek@oregonstate.edu.

Workshop Series: Descriptions & Registration Information

In this webinar hosted by the Academic Success Center, hear from a panel of faculty on how students can be successful in college coursework. Faculty will talk about their expectations, seeking resources, communicating with instructors, and more, and students will have the chance to ask questions. In the last half hour, we will have a few current OSU students share strategies for remote and online coursework and we will provide a brief overview of available academic resources and tools to help you plan for success in the upcoming year. We hope you'll join us for this essential “get-ready-for-school” session. We are excited to connect with you and welcome you to OSU!

  • Tuesday, September 22nd, from 10 to 11:30 AM (PT): Register Here

Stress impacts our ability to concentrate and focus. We live in a very stressful time, and many of us may be experiencing feelings of loss, grief, anxiety, fear, and more. We're not alone in this, and there are strategies to help us cope. Join this workshop to learn more about how stress might impact our learning, and strategies we can use to navigate it all and continue forward.

Procrastinating is easy, but so is managing your time, once you have a few strategies to work with. We'll be offering this workshop several times throughout fall, and will frame our content around the specific part of the term when we meet. Whenever you join us, you'll learn strategies to better manage your time, and to manage procrastination out of the picture.

  • Start of Term Edition: Monday, September 28th, from 11 AM to 12PM (PT): Register Here
  • Pre-Midterm Edition: Sunday, October 11th, from 6 to 7 PM (PT): Register Here
  • Halfway Through the Term Edition: Thursday, October 29th, from 10 to 11 AM (PT): Register Here
  • Finals Edition: Wednesday, November 18th, from 3 to 4 PM (PT): Register Here

Goals come in all sizes, and can help you accomplish work and succeed. It goes without saying, though, that some goals have better results than others. Learn how to make effective goals and achieve your aspirations.

To have an effective study session, you need to be able to concentrate. This isn't new news, but it can be difficult, especially these days. Learn strategies and techniques that can help you work effectively in our current context and succeed in your study sessions.  

Group work can be a powerful academic and professional tool if used effectively. And now, in this remote environment, it can be a great way to stay connected with folks and hone your collaboration and communication skills.Explore techniques and strategies to harness strengths and increase efficiency in your groups. Identify and practice ways group work can increase learning, creativity and productivity in your academics and your future career.

Preparing for tests can feel daunting, and let’s be real – often, we wait until the last minute. In this remote, online and blended learning environment, it's even more important that you begin your test preparation ahead of time, both to harness your brain's strengths and to reduce stress. Join us to learn how your brain works and what it takes for it to truly learn something, and then head off into effective test preparation.

  • Monday, October 12th, from 11 AM to 12 PM (PT): Register Here
  • Sunday, November 8th, from 6 to 7 PM (PT): Register Here
  • Finals Prep Edition: Monday, November 16th, from 11 AM to 12 PM (PT): Register Here
  • Emergency Study Edition: Thursday, December 3rd, from 10 to 11 AM (PT): Register Here

Writing is a process that takes energy, concentration and time. These days, it might feel like we don't have as much of those to work with. Join us to think through steps of the writing process, and how to manage your time effectively to navigate these elements and reach a written end-product you're proud of.

A magic potion for success? Well, we can't guarantee that, but we do have a few of your peers who've had some time to adjust and adapt to college level learning and are excited to share about the experience. What do they wish they'd known their first year? When did they know they needed to make a change? Learn this and so much more when you join us for this live student panel workshop.

You won't want to miss this! As we head into fall term finals, we know you may have a mixture of written papers, projects, and final exams to engage in remotely. Join us to learn strategies and approaches to writing well-made timed essays, and to think through effective test-taking strategies. These skills will support you all through the academic year!