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What is ALS 116?

ALS 116: Academic Success is a two-credit course taught in a small class (20-25 people) discussion format. In ALS 116, you explore the expectations and skills involved in being academically successful at the university level. This class gives you the opportunity to enhance your study skills by learning about strategies for managing time, taking notes, preparing for tests, reading critically, and more. Typical assignments include analyses of readings, response papers exploring personal habits, a portfolio of work demonstrating application of strategies, and a final "Success Plan" synthesizing course material and outlining your personal plan for using academic skills. ALS 116 is offered each term and is open to all OSU students.

How will ALS 116 help me?

Whether you came to OSU directly after high school, transferred from another college or university, or took time away from school, ALS 116 can help you develop strategies for success in college courses. Throughout the course, you'll practice a broad range of academic skills so that you can identify the specific strategies that work well for your individual needs as a student. ALS can help you feel more confident and better equipped to be successful in the university academic environment.

After taking ALS 116, one student said, "I feel like I know what it takes to be successful. What this class has helped me realize is how it all ties together [. . .] How we take notes, or student, or spend our free time all play important roles in how we do in school"

Another student said, "This class has taught me a lot about college, myself, and strategies for success. [I learned] skills that I will take with me throughout this whole college experience, and they are even things that I will use in my life after college. All in all, this class is something that I think everyone should take because it really has shaped me into a more successful college student"

How do I sign up for ALS 116?

You can register for ALS 116 along with our course load for next term. If you have questions about taking this course, or other questions about the registration process, we highly recommend that you talk to your academic advisor who can provide guidance as you choose your courses for next term. If you would like to talk to someone in the ALS department about ALS 116 specifically, please contact our main office at (541) 737-2272. ALS 116 section offerings are listed in the course catalog. Type ALS 116 into the first search field, then click on the Search bar.