Our peer coaches represent a variety of majors. Select someone who matches your current program, or meet with any of our coaches that seem like a good fit for you! All coaches are trained to actively listen and to ask thought-provoking questions, so you can't go wrong no matter who you choose!

Photo Name Bio
portrait photo of Abbey Abbey

My name is Abbey and I’m a junior at Oregon State studying entrepreneurship and minoring in Spanish. I’m from Corvallis and absolutely love this community. I plan to open up my own restaurant or non-profit here someday. Some of my favorite hobbies include dancing, cooking, eating, hiking, watching CW dramas, reading, fitness, travelling, and adventuring in the outdoors. I also work at the College of Education on campus and have been involved in several on-campus organizations. I have Type 1 Diabetes, so I can relate to students who are struggling with the balance between having a disability and engaging in the classroom.  I can’t wait to meet all of you!

Anika Anika

Hi all, I’m Anika! I have been providing admin support for the ASC since 2015 and I’m excited to add coaching to my work here. I graduated from UW Madison with a BA in English and emphasis in creative writing. Since moving here I’ve enjoyed exploring different parts of Oregon and hiking as much as I can. In my free time I love to read, work on art, go for walks, hang out with my husband and cat, and look at every Little Free Library I can find. I also write for the Corvallis Advocate and enjoy meeting interesting people and telling their stories. I really love coaching and helping people discover better ways to approach learning and finding life balance. I look forward to working with you!

Gina Gina Hi! My name is Gina Garcia, I am a graduate student in the College Student Services Administration Program at OSU. I am from a small town in Northern California, just 1 hour North of San Francisco. I graduated with my degree in Psychology in Spring of 2016 and decided I wanted to pursue a career in Higher Education and Student Affairs. I enjoy helping students as they go through their undergraduate experience and hope to have a positive impact on their journey!  In my free time, I also enjoy working out, hiking, swimming, traveling, eating and simply relaxing. I look forward to meeting you!
 Kamil, Academic Coach Kamil

My name is Mohammad Kamil Azim, I am a Sophomore here at OSU and my major is Electrical and Computer Engineering or ECE for short. I am originally from the city of Karachi, Pakistan. Fun fact Karachi is about the 6th largest city in the world by population, so an enormous difference from the peaceful small Corvallis. In my free time I enjoy playing table tennis and video games with friends, I love cooking and tinkering with gadgets and watching random videos on YouTube. A few of my favorite shows are HOUSE, Friends and HIMYM. I am truly excited to be part of the Academic Coaching team and I look forward to meeting you!!!!

Karen portrait photo  Karen

My name is Karen, and I am from Hood River, Oregon. One cool fact about my hometown is that it is considered the world capital of windsurfing! I don't windsurf, but I am hoping to learn this coming summer (summer 2017). I am currently a Junior and I just switched my major to kinesiology. I am still not sure what career path to take, but I do know I want to work in the health field. I really love to spend time with my family, whether it is staying home and watching movies or going on adventures together. My hobbies include drawing, going to the gym, going on hikes, questioning the purpose of life, and binge watching tv shows. I also have two very furry bunnies that are really adorable!

 Paola portrait photo Paola

Hey there! My name is Paola Mendoza and I am currently enjoying the remainder of my undergraduate experience here at OSU. I’m majoring in Sociology with an option in Crime and Justice. My minors will soon be completed in Psychology and Spanish. Outside of academics, most of my time is dedicated to my beloved family, but I also enjoy reading novels, developing my amateur photography skills, and going on long hikes. I have a passion for anything dance/music related and going to concerts. Recently, I have picked up mastering my guitar skills and American Sign Language. Lastly, I don’t miss many opportunities to stay active nor to watch another episode of my latest Netflix infatuation. One day, I hope to make a difference in people’s lives.

 Ruta Ruta

Hey y’all! My name is Ruta Faifaiese and I am currently a 2nd year undergraduate student studying math. I was born in Oceanside, California, but raised in Seattle, Washington. My plan is to teach at the high school level, after obtaining a double degree in Math and Education through the Double Degree Program here at OSU. I am also a Math Tutor and Math Intern for the Educational Opportunities Program. Aside from studying and working, I enjoy spending time with family and friends, playing piano, and staying active. I’m excited to be a part of the Academic Coaching team and look forward to meeting you!!

 Tilden Tilden

My name is Tilden Chin and I am studying Mechanical Engineering. I was born in Singapore but I grew up in Portland and stayed there for almost my entire life. I hope to become an engineer specializing in design, and I am especially interested in finite element analysis or computational fluid dynamics. I like reading history, physics, math, and scientifically grounded fiction novels. I also like walking, biking and hiking. I hope to make a positive impact on the students on campus and promote a welcoming environment!