For spring, the Academic Success Center (ASC) will be offering a limited series of 50-minute workshops online, via Zoom. So will the Writing Center! Check their workshop series out here.

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Time Management for All the Things

Yes, you’re juggling multiple courses, but you’re also a person outside of coursework too. There are events, opportunities, employment, and responsibilities that may compete with each other for your time and attention. Learn strategies to juggle what’s on your plate and take care of yourself.

The Writing Process & Time Management

Writing is a process that takes energy, concentration and time--things we might be running short on these days.  Join us to think through steps of the writing process and discuss how to manage time effectively. Together we will explore how to navigate these elements and follow through with a written end-product.

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Designing & Taking Effective Breaks

When’s the last time you went to take a quick break and two hours later you were still on break, down an Instagram rabbit hole or outside in the sun? Breaks are important for the learning process, and deserve our attention to plan them effectively and supportively. Join us to learn strategies, and engage in a planning process.

Attention & Memory

In your coursework, you often have to recall information and make connections between past and new knowledge; this process relies heavily on attention and memory. We’ll dive into the science of memory-making and share strategies for attention and studying that can help you transfer information to long-term memory.

Learning & Stress & You

Your experience matters, and we want to equip you with the information to recognize what you’re feeling, how it might show up, and how to support yourself through it. We’ll discuss the common themes of grief, anxiety, overwhelm and amplification, share coping strategies, and have time for questions and next steps.

Motivation – In Concept & Practice

Motivation is a popular topic of conversation – different ways to motivate, what to do when it’s hard to motivate, things that can stop motivation, etc. – and feels especially relevant in our current context. We’ll explore concepts, practice strategies, and identify potential next-steps to help us navigate the motivation challenge.

Test Prep & the Science of Learning

Preparing for tests can feel daunting, and let’s be real – often, we wait until the last minute. Beginning your test preparation early can help you harness your brain’s strengths and reduce stress. Join us to learn how your brain works and what it takes for it to truly learn something, and then head off into effective test preparation.

Concentration, Distraction & Effective Study Sessions: Finals

To have an effective study session, you need to be able to concentrate. This isn’t new news, but it can be difficult, especially these days. Learn strategies and techniques that can help you work effectively in our current context and succeed in your study sessions.

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