During fall, winter and spring, the Academic Success Center (ASC) offers a limited series of 50-minute workshops online, via Zoom. To review descriptions and register, click the calendar or the weeks/topics listed beneath.

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Workshop descriptions, dates & registration links

Planning Time and Re-Framing Procrastination

Do you procrastinate? You’re not alone. It can happen even with the greatest schedules and the SMARTest goals. In a 10-week term, procrastination can elevate stress levels depending on what work/activity gets prioritized and what deadlines or expectations are put off for something else. Join us to explore planning tools and strategies to get what we need, want, and would rather do, done.

Concentration, Distraction & Effective Study Sessions

To have an effective study session, you need to be able to concentrate. This isn’t new news, but it can be difficult. Learn strategies and techniques that can help you work effectively and succeed in your study sessions.

Personal Statements

Personal statements are an important part of graduate school applications and can often be stressful to draft. Join us as we introduce personal statements, talk through strategies for structure and content, and review a sample statement together. You’ll learn about strategies for drafting your own statement and resources to support your writing process.

Learning During Times of Stress

Your experience matters, and we want to equip you with the information to recognize what you’re feeling, how it might show up, and how to support yourself through it. We’ll discuss the common themes of overwhelm, fatigue, and burnout, share coping strategies, and have time for questions and next steps.

The Writing Process & Time Management

Writing is a process that takes time and energy—things which can be challenging during a busy term. Join us to think through steps of the writing process and discuss approaches to project and time management. Together, we’ll explore strategies and resources to support you in accomplishing your writing goals.

Identifying Perfectionism & Practicing How to Undo It

A lot of us have perfectionist tendencies that may impact our experiences and choices. So let’s talk about it! We’ll explore how perfectionism might present itself, how it might impact our progress and increase stress, and strategies we can use to navigate it, begin to undo it, and support our well-being and success.

Motivation – In Concept & Practice

Motivation is a popular topic – different ways to motivate, what to do when it’s hard to motivate, things that can disrupt motivation, etc. We’ll explore concepts, practice strategies, and identify potential next-steps to help us navigate the motivation challenge.

Test Prep & the Science of Learning - FINALS EDITION

Preparing for finals can feel daunting, and let’s be real – at least a few of us wait until the last minute. Planning intentionally for your test preparation can help you harness your brain’s strengths and reduce stress. Join us to explore helpful study strategies while considering the time you have available to prepare. Then, head off into your finals prep!

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