This fall, the Academic Success Center (ASC) will be offering a limited series of 50-minute workshops online, via Zoom.

To register, click on the calendar below. Read about the topics, choose the day and time that works best, and click REGISTER HERE. Remember to use an address and complete all open fields.

Click the calendar to register!

We're eager to connect with folks in these workshops, and want to make these workshops accessible to all students at OSU. If we can provide accommodations for any of these workshops, please be in touch with Sarah Norek ( as soon as possible.

If students are invited/asked to attend a workshop, and asked to provide attendance confirmation, the ASC will provide attendance confirmation using the name and email left in the registration form.

If you are a student who needs attendance confirmation sent:

  • during the registration process, please enter the name & email address of whoever you'd like to receive attendance confirmation
  • please double-check your spelling(s)

If you are an instructor/advisor/supervisor asking that students who attend provide confirmation, please

  • decide whether you'd like your students to forward an attendance confirmation email sent to them or have an email sent directly to you
  • please provide your student(s) with the email address at which you'd like to receive confirmation, if you prefer to receive it directly

Questions about the process? Please be in touch with Sarah Norek: