Academic Success Center Mission

The Academic Success Center (ASC) creates opportunities for students to learn how to learn throughout their academic careers. Our services support students as they practice skills and habits for academic success, learn with and from their peers, and reflect on their ongoing development as scholars. Through partnerships with OSU faculty and staff, our work promotes a university culture that responds to students’ needs and affirms each student’s ability to achieve their goals.

Academic Success Center Goals

Student Services: Support ALL students in pursuit of their academic goals and in doing so impact academic success, retention and graduation rates by the following:

  • Increase students’ knowledge of academic success behaviors and habits
  • Increase access to and facilitate use of success resources at OSU
  • Assist underprepared, prepared and high-achieving students in developing the skills necessary to achieve their academic goals
  • Support student achievement of learning goals for graduates by providing opportunities for critical thinking, collaboration, communication, and self-reflection

OSU Impact: Engage in collaborative leadership with campus partners to impact student success and persistence through the following:

  • Collaborate with campus partners to integrate academic success skills and strategies into OSU events, initiatives and programs.
  • Contribute expertise to departments, units, task forces and committees regarding student transitions and development, academic support, students in academic difficulty, and related pedagogies

Academic Success Center Development: Maintain high standards of excellence for program delivery through the following:

  • Enhance the professional development of faculty and staff of the Academic Success Center, including graduate students and undergraduate student staff.
  • Engage in data tracking, full cycle assessment, strategic planning & reporting to remain on the cutting edge of trends and information relevant to academic support at OSU.