Welcome to the Academic Success Center’s time management tool box!

A lot of us use time management strategies without ever calling them strategies. And a lot of us use old strategies that could benefit from a few tweaks to make them work better.

If you’re a fan of holding everything up in your head, put a pin in that technique. Sure, it can feel like a super-power to remember everything without writing a word down. But it's taxing, too. It's distracting to worry about whether or not you're forgetting. So improve your ability to concentrate and focus (and keep track of commitments, and manage your time, and actually have time to do things...) by writing stuff down, scheduling out your week and your term, and developing a method. Go beyond a single way to manage your time, and consider multiple levels of time management, and how they can inform and complement each other.

Check out the tools below. Find one or a few that work for you. Think about how you can build out your time management method, or conceptualize it in more varied ways, to get the most realistic picture of your time and tasks as possible.

Alright folks. Want to talk more about this? Come and see us in Waldo Hall room 125 and chat with one of our super-star ASC strategists. Do you need an appointment? Nope. You just need to come on by and we’ll be thrilled to talk with you: Monday through Friday, 9 AM to 5 PM. You can also schedule an Academic Coaching appointment, if your prefer, and sit down with someone one-on-one for about an hour to think aloud about what's working or not and make a plan to move forward.

See you soon. Schedule on.

The Weekly Calendar is a great way to schedule yourself in detail: account for yourself hour-by-hour (classes, study, self-care, sleeping & eating, etc.).

Use the Time Log to reflect on where you spend your time. Are you studying as much as you could/should be? What are you doing instead? Find out, and then use your weekly calendar to better manage your days.


Using Time Effectively offers examples and strategies for adjusting your time management method based on the intensity of your days/week.

The Term at a Glance does just that: shows you a term's worth of major commitments and deadlines (for school, work AND life) in one glance. Plan ahead for those high intensity weeks when everything's happening at the same time!


The Time Budget tool helps you compare the time you're using in a week to the time available in a week.

7 Ways to Make (and Manage!) Time is a tool with the strategies and how to apply them, as well as a Weekly Calendar AND a Term at a Glance (another one of our crowd favorites). Get a handle on 10 weeks, one day/one week at a time.